Is Mother 4 an official Mother game?

No. Mother 4 is an UNOFFICIAL, fan-made addition to the cult-classic series Mother. We are NOT affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Nintendo of America Inc., Shigesato Itoi, HAL Laboratory, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates.

How much does Mother 4 cost?

Mother 4 is completely free. There is no cost, donation, payment or any other form of financial transaction necessary.

When is Mother 4 going to be released?

We're not saying exactly (yet). We'll email everyone who signed up to be notified (update: this email list is full, we can't accept any more sign ups!) and they'll have the first chance to download. A public download page will quietly go live some time afterward.

This was done to say thanks to the very special fans who make up the Mother community. Without their support, this game could not have happened. Because we're giving the game away for free, giving supporters “early access” to the game seems like a proper way to say thanks.

What systems will Mother 4 be available on? Is the game a ROM?

Mother 4 is a standalone game available for Windows, Mac and Linux. You do not need an emulator to play Mother 4.

What languages are available for Mother 4?

At release Mother 4 will only available in English. However, we plan on providing tools so that anyone can translate the game.

Can you port Mother 4 to iOS/Android/Wii/DS/etc?

No. Mother 4 is only available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Will there be a demo or beta?

There is no public demo or beta for Mother 4.

Does Mother 4 support a gamepad or controller?

Yes. You can use any normal gamepad or controller to play Mother 4.

What are the minimum requirements to play Mother 4?

Its likely you can play this game with a potato.

What did you use to make Mother 4?

We built a custom engine for Mother 4 in C#. The music is mostly created using Logic Pro X . All the artwork is custom made in different versions of Microsoft Paint (seriously). For communication, we use (and love) Slack.


Can you name your party in Mother 4?

Yes. It wouldn't be much of a Mother game otherwise.

Is the rhythm combo system returning in Mother 4?

Yes. Like Mother 3, you do not need to use it to complete the game.

Will Porky or Giygas or the preet poot guy be in this game?

No. The only directly returning characters are Mr. Saturn and a handful of enemies.

You've been really tight lipped about the whole project... What's the game really about?

Sorry. We don't want to ruin anything. The game is about exactly what it says on the site - a journey with friends to save the world.

When does this game take place in the Mother timeline?

You'll learn that as soon as the game begins, but the title might have a bit to do with it.

Who's the kid in the trailer next to that spiky thing? Is that the villain?

That's Zack, Travis' brother. He's safe.


What is your video policy? Can I use Mother 4 gameplay footage on YouTube?

You have our permission to create videos of let's plays, reviews, tutorials, speed runs, etc. Do anything you want with it.

Will the Mother 4 team create games after Mother 4?

No. Some of us may go on to create more games, but the current team exists solely to produce Mother 4.